Wild Witch was born from the ashes of the speed/thrash metal band Crusher. Created in 2006, the band was founded by Felipe and, throughout the years, many musicians passed by the band like the drummer Weiber and the guitarist Mariano. Wild Witch was formed by Felipe in 2011 with his former bandmates Weiberlan Garcia and Mariano Burich and, for the vocals, the singer Flav Scheidt. After many suggestions of name and a brainstorm with all the band members, it was decided that it would call Wild Witch. On the first rehearsals Wild Witch has performed many covers such as “Burning the Witches” (Warlock), “Strong Arm of the Law” (Saxon), Electric Eye (Judas Priest) and Rock You to Hell (Grim Reaper) and, along the time the band has been composed their first songs like Burning Chains and Trail of Bones. In 2012 the band got in studio to record their first EP, “Burning Chains”. The material contains four songs, three of which are Trail of Bones, Burning Chains and WitchRipper and another one that is a version for Tokyo Blade’s Rock me to the Limit. The first EP press was released independent and partially handmade in CD format. Later, in 2013, the band signed with the French label Inferno Records. So, Inferno decided to re-release Wild Witch first EP Burning Chains as cassete. The band received excellent avaliations and reviews in magazines and webzines in Europe, Asia and South America. After this, Wild Witch made many concerts at local bars, festivals (in other states) and as Open act for bands like Leather Leone and Cauldron. In 2014 the band recorded a demo of the next album and then, Felipe left temporally the band for a college foreign exchange and was replaced by the bassist Paulo Sagat (Poison Beer) for two concerts. In 2015 Felipe got back and reassumed the bass guitar and, in 2016, the band started to record their first full lenght album. However, during the recordings, Flav left the band by personal and group problems and Felipe assumed the lead vocals as well, changing the style of the compositions, lyrics and interpretations of the songs. The Wild Witch first album got finnished in 2017 and, soon, the band will announce the release date and more infos of the debut album and of a new EP as well. Keep Wild